"There is a way out in every challenges!"
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He is the producer of “Hell Date” London for BET; a program that was rated the biggest in is time. He is the Director of a new film called Dumar volume 2. He has acted alongside big names in the…
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Shanina Shaik Tries to Prove the Power of Thigh Highs in New York - MyTrinity Magazine

  Shanina Shaik is far too hot to ever look innocent in a pair of thigh highs. This we know, but it made all the more obvious when she stepped out for Radio City’s New York Spring Spectacular on March…
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I pay my tithe to less privileged children – Empress Njamah - MyTrinity Magazine

Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah has revealed that she pays her tithe by helping less privileged children in the society. According to Empress, she feels fulfilled helping out less privileged children in society. “I will not only provide for their basic…
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Karrine Steffans Back to ‘Confessions’ for Final Memoir [INTERVIEW] - MyTrinity Magazine

Ahh, Twitter. It’s one of my favorite social media platforms, allowing those who work in the field of sexuality to broadcast openly about sex without shame. While scrolling through my timeline, I occasionally come across updates from one of my…
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Foods that can give you a headache - MyTrinity Magazine

Dietary changes and certain foods can trigger migraines. Suffering from headaches or migraines every now then? Well, you’re not alone as many people complain of such problems. Leaving aside obvious reasons like sinusitis, stress and mental tension, little do people…
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Beauty of Monotones - MyTrinity Magazine

Hey darling! Do you know what’s trending like wild fire all over the world? Believe me dear, the monotone dressing everywhere; on runway, stores, wardrobes, events, even our celebrities are crazy about it. Nothing beats the elegant and refined oddness…
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Springtime Perfume Oils to Add to Your Collection - MyTrinity Magazine

Byredo created this scent to give the tulip a signature smell. It’s clean and bright with a floral heart, and the rhubarb and vetiver keep it airy and not too sweet. Byredo La Tulipe Perfumed Oil Roll-On, $78 at Net-a-Porter This…
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8 sleeping habits that will make you single - MyTrinity Magazine

It’s National Bed Month and we thought we would take a look at bedroom offences that are worth dumping your partner for, or at least getting them to sleep in the other room- with Sleeping with the light on…
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Getting and Staying Skinny… the Right Way - MyTrinity Magazine

I can remember three distinct times I’ve been “skinny” in my whole life. The first was freshman year at Savannah State University. I spent the summer before working out twice a day (running on the treadmill and jamming to Paula…
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