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Every Gift and Every Talent We Have Been Blessed With Is to Be Able to Bless others And Put A Smile On their Faces! GHOLLYWOOD ACTRESS:KAFUI DANKU
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A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination
- Nelson Mandela
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Interview with Mr Aaron Thomas

He is the producer of “Hell Date” London for BET; a program that was rated the biggest in is time. He is the Director of a new film called Dumar volume 2. He has acted alongside big names in the movie industry worldwide such as Wil Johnson, Simon Britton, Judith Jacobs, Lee John and Gianluca Vialli to mention but few.  Aaron Thomas has made is mark in the UK film industry and here are excerpts of our interview with this talented fine man.
Sunday Olorunshola

If I am honest am pretty much a rookie in the business, although I have been involved for many years. I will say that I did produce ‘Hell Date’ London for BET, which was their biggest rating program at that time some years ago. . ....

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