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Interview with Amanda Foster – UK First Stunt Woman!

I think it’s safe to say that as African men strong independent women scare the hell out of us and this woman, in particular, is no exception. She is the first black stunt woman in the UK and began her career 25 years ago and has since then achieved a numerous numbers of awards under

Q & A with Melody Keys

All I can say is Melody Keys is a beautiful God fearing woman as well as a talented singer, from a humble background to become a fast growing name in music, Mytrinity Magazine welcomes you to her world… Here are some excerpts of the Mytrinity Magazine Interview with her. Question: For the benefit of our

Interview With Sarah Okereke

Question: For the benefit of our audience who may not know you very well, can you tell us about yourself? I’m a young free-spirited individual who loves The Lord and a graduate in Community Development and Leadership. I also have a passion for acting, modelling and presenting and represented Nigeria in the 2012 Miss West

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