Interview with the Producer – For the Epic Movie ‘Free State’

Question: It’s so nice of you to agree to be interviewed for MTM, for our dedicated readers can you state your name and profession?

My name is Terwadkar Rajiv, I am a Mechanical Engineer with Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing.

My Profession is Entrepreneurship!


Question: Free State is an awesome movie what is the plot and how did the concept for the plot come about?

The plot is “What if a young, soon to be engaged Afrikaans girl, falls in love with a care free Indian man in 1970’s South Africa where it was against the law to have interracial relationships.”

I had a dream to produce a truly cross-cultural & cross border South African film. I arranged Film Festivals in South Africa, hoping to find and get the best Director from South Africa. Sallas won the Best Director Award in 2014 and I found who to work with! We started discussing a Romeo & Juliet love story that is truly cross-cultural. That’s when we came up with idea of an interracial relationship based forbidden love story!


Question: Where was it shot?

The film was shot in Kwazulu natal, Free State & Gauteng provinces in South Africa.

Question: The Locations are breath taking was it predominantly shot in South Africa?

Yes, South Africa is well known for its beauty and landscapes. We decided to capitalize on that. Tom Marais one of the best and an award winning Cinematographer from South Africa, and he captured beautiful shots all from South Africa.

Question: How long in the making was this particular movie, as your well aware some films are years in the making before being shot, what transpired during this one?

We were really blessed for this film as the concept to finishing was only one year! Sallas and I started discussing the movie concept around April 2014 and finished editing in April 2015. It was Passion, dedication and hard work from the entire team to create this beautiful masterpiece!

Question: Was it a rigorous shooting schedule?

The shooting was effectively scheduled and managed by one of the best 1st Assistant Directors – Ferdi Berger. Sallas (The Director) had table read with all the stars. Everyone was well prepared with their role and dialogue, so there were very few retakes per scene during the shoot. Camera angles were well planned in advanced by Tom Marais (Cinematographer). In short, it was a smooth execution of schedule!

Question: Were the Actors home grown talent or from abroad?

Most of the actors were home grown! There are a few actors who were trained in acting workshops arranged and sponsored by my companies Utkarsh Projects & Utkarsh Entertainment. After identifying the talent we gave them opportunity to work in our film.

Although most of them were home grown, Mangesh Desai, award winning Marathi film star & Nicola Breytenbach were from abroad.

Question: What other films have you produced are they genre specific?

This is my first movie as Producer.

I would like to work on various genres instead of sticking to a specific one.


Question: How was the film received throughout Africa on the whole, I gather that it grossed well of $1Million?

The total budget of the film was $1 mil equivalent ZAR when we started in 2014.

The film is getting released on 27th April and we hope that it will do really well at the box office.

Question: Is it fair to say Free State pushed the boundaries in terms of its controversial subject?

We didn’t really push the boundaries in today’s time, but considering the time during Apartheid, yes, we sure did!

Question: As we all know today’s South Africa is worlds away from era in Free State, what’s in the pipeline without giving too much away?

I am working on a film called The Confession, inspired by true events in South Africa!

Short synopsis of the film “A former member of South Africa’s infamous death squad (C1 – Counter -Insurgency) must atone for his past when he helps one survivor and searches for the bodies of a missing anti-apartheid cell, unaware that as they hunt for answers, they too are being hunted.”



Question: In fashion can you coin a phrase or quote which is incumbent of who you are or what you stand for?

Life is short, follow your passion & make sure to leave a great legacy for the World, so that when you are on you death bed, you feel your life was well lived!

MTM, gives a thumbs up and recommends it readers go and see Free state – A movie full of forbidden love, drama, action and much more…….

By: Sunday Olorunshola