Interview Questionnaire for Ms. Emmanuella Iloba

Question: For the benefit of our audience who may not know you very well can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Emmanuella Iloba. Am an actress, a model and also an entrepreneur from Delta State, Ogwashukwu to be precise; from a family of five. An easy going and jovial personality.

Question: I gather that you are a very successful upcoming actor, how did that come to be?

I came into acting fully through an audition organized by Mr. Chico Ejiro. He saw the talent in me and I was selected to be among the actors of the movie titled Nollywood Scandal. Which is my first movie in the acting industry and since then it has been awesome.



Question: How has been an actor changed your life?  It changed my perception to life. Sometimes we have to be someone we are not, to find out who we are in real life, I am a very shy person. Acting is magical. It Changes your look and your attitude, and you can be anyone.

Question: what other opportunities have presented themselves from been an actor?

I have had several opportunities; it has given me exposure and also the avenue to network with who is who in the industry.

Question: What do you do at your spare times?

I try to read new books, and also watch my favourite TV programmes

Question: Give us an example of when you thought outside of the box relating to your career?

I love business, so I thought of investing into transportation

Question: Does your actonly accommodate audience from Nigeria alone?

No, it accommodates both home and abroad

Question: What challenges do you have in combining your career and family life together?

I really do not have any challenge, because I have got supportive parents who understands my career.

Question: Are you married or is there a significant other? No I am not married.

Question: Tell us the transition in your career from been a lady to been an actress?

I do have confidence and determination in approaching issues now

Question: Are you a fashionista?

Not really. I dress based on my mood for the day or based on the occasion

Question: A peep into your wardrobe what types of clothes are we likely to find?

Plated maxi dress, jeans and tops, black mini dress, grey lurex suit, beige belted tops, wide leg pants, silk dresses, skinny jeans and denim jacket

Question: what do you say to those who call your work controversial and inaccurate?

We learn every day,  so I will appreciate them because they are teaching me on how to do it better,

Question: what are your hobbies, how do you unwind from your daily activities?

I love cooking and I love reading. I unwind by going to the cinema to watch the latest film

Question: There is one thing I will like you to do for me in this interview, and that is to enlighten usabout your role as an actor in the society?

The role of an actor in the society should not be underestimated, although its easy to get caught up with fame and celebrity, the timeless function of an actor is to take on communal pain and provide catharsis, or emotional and spiritual purification, for every person in the audience. Actors are essential to the psychic health of our world. Actors are storytellers, temporarily extinguishing our worries as they play out alternate realities on stage or screen.

Question: What has been your motivation?

The fact that I enjoy what I do, and I get lot of support from my family and friends and most of all my savior keep me going every day. It’s great to think and feel that they love me so much, and that they will pick me every time I fall down.

Question: If you are on a date out with a guy what would be your expectations?

I really do not have any expectations, just be yourself,

Question: Tell us about some of your shortcomings?

I believe and trust people blindly; I take them in the face value without judging them

Question: Who has the greatest influence in your life?

My mom. She is the one who has the greatest positive influence in my life because she has done so many great things that makes me want to be like her.

Question: Who is the most important person in your life?

My family

Question: Lastly, In MyTrinity fashion, can you tell us a quote or phrase you hold on to?

Live right and always be yourself at all times