Simon – A Rare Gem

Simon Britton is a well-known name in the entertainment industry worldwide. A unique member of Red Rhythm, the  Award Winning US/UK Hit Record Production, Songwriting  and  remix team  whose credits include: Ashanti, Aaliyah, Boyz II Men, Sean Paul, Run DMC, Liberty X, Kool & The Gang, Eminem, Aggro Santos, Kimberly Wyatt, Electric Giant Beatz, Chaka …


Simon Britton is a well-known name in the entertainment industry worldwide. A unique member of Red Rhythm, the  Award Winning US/UK Hit Record Production, Songwriting  and  remix team  whose credits include: Ashanti, Aaliyah, Boyz II Men, Sean Paul, Run DMC, Liberty X, Kool & The Gang, Eminem, Aggro Santos, Kimberly Wyatt, Electric Giant Beatz, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Beverley Knight, Melanie C, Michelle Williams, Jimmy Cliff, Glenda Benevides, Ginuwine, Missy Elliot, Sting, Talib Kweli, Timbaland, Usher, Michael Jackson, Leona Lewis” and the massive US R&B hit “Da’ Dip” by Freak Nasty to mention but few.

Simon won the 2010/11 British Television Advertising Awards for Best Use of Recorded Music in the PUMA “Hard chorus” TV Advertising Campaign created by the Droga5 Advertising Agency, New York. The video, which became a Worldwide Internet hit, landing 130 million media impressions and spawning an International Singing Competition between France, England, Germany and Italy, which was also named “Hard chorus.”

Simon was instrumental in bringing Aggro Santos and Kimberly Wyatt together on the Hit Record “Candy”

Simon has appeared in different TV commercials and Films, and had received a countless award, including The Award-winning film “Throw Of A Dice (CVS Films) where he plays the role of Dr Gould, a geneticist.

We met Simon Britton at the reception of the Film “Throw Of A Dice” and he gave us audience.After exchanging pleasantries, he introduced himself.

I am Simon Britton.

Mytrinity Magazine – If somebody asked me who is Simon Britton? What should I say to them?

Simon – I will say Google me.We both laughed
Simon: Check me out in Wikipedia

Mytrinity Magazine – Ok for the benefit of Mytrinity Magazine and our audience, who is Simon Britton?

Simon- I am Simon Britton, an actor, a very successful award winning producer and song writer. Some of the act I’ve worked with includes Ashanti, Aaliyah, Boyz II Men, Usher, Michael Jackson, Leona Lewis, Jimmy Cliff and many more. I’m also an actor.

My trinity Magazine – Are you from the Britain

Simon – Yes, unfortunatelyHe laughed teasingly.

Mytrinity Magazine-  So you are British?

Simon – Yes

Mytrinity Magazine – Which part of the Britain are you?

Simon – I’m from the western England; Bristol!

Mytrinity Magazine – What gave you the inspiration to go into acting in the first place?

Simon – If I’m honest with you, I think my childhood wasn’t great and for me. It was an escape to be something else and dream; I think as a child, I write songs and wanna be an actor because life wasn’t too good when I was younger, so it was like a dream, you know you see people on a movie, and you think like “I wanna do that” so that’s what motivated me to do what I wanna do. Is an escapism you know, is not real, but you just want to do something, “is very difficult to explain if you know what I mean?

Mytrinity Magazine – You mean getting to the decision of knowing exactly what you want but acting like the part of a different person.

Simon – Yeah, I think is fun to play characters and is almost pleasurable to try to be somebody else sometimes whether it was a good guy or been a badie in a film. I very often play a bad guy in films, for some reason, because I can be quite evil on the screen but in real life. I’m quite a descent and nice guy.

He laughed

Mytrinity Magazine: Can you mention some of the films you’ve been featured in?

Simon: I’ve featured in so many films like Dooma, Harry Porters, East Enders, The Bill, The Commander and Crime Suspect.

Mytrinity Magazine – There is something you mentioned about your childhood not been too great, I would like you to share more light on that topic?

Simon- My parent’s kind of split off when I was young, so it wasn’t a happy home as such, I was relatively  16 years old, there was no option or an opportunity for me to go to the college or university. It was the case of if you are not paying rent at the age of 16, you’re out of the house. So you’re like okay well; so what I’m trying to say is that a lot of junior kids say to me, can you help me, and I say to a lot of young kids nowadays that Yes, I can help you, but you got to help yourself first. It is amazing what you can do.

You don’t have to come from a rich background before you can make it, you just have to be focus and have a desire, and you’ve really got to believe in yourself, way back then I used to eat toast every day because I have no money, tin tomato and toast seven days a week. While on Saturdays, I would have hot sausages for lunch and dinner with mustard because every penny, I have I would be spent coming to London to record or attend auditions, so I say to young kids of nowadays you’ve got as many chances like anyone else as long as you work hard  it is truly about working hard, well talent plays a bit of it, but I know some singers who are not necessary best singers, but they just work so hard to market themselves.

Mytrinity Magazine- if I may ask you when did you have your first breakthrough?

Simon- I had my first breakthrough at the age of 19 years old. It was a musical deal; I signed a record contract with a major musical record company, but seriously I work four years working solidly to get to that stage, you know I used to come to London and sleep in the car. I had literally zero money because I live far away from London and is kind of funny because you just have to be in London because this is where it is all happening especially in terms of TV and music. So London is an important place to be then and now. So if you live far away you just have to make the necessary sacrifice and be here.

My trinity Magazine-  As you are growing up, I know you must have lots of friends looking up to you for one opportunity or the other, so how do you combine that?

Simon- All my life  I’ve always been helping other people, and I think it’s the same with the people you meet on your way up; you might meet them again on your way down and sincerely. It cost nothing, but the time to help people, give them advice, put them in touch.

My trinity Magazine- What’s your philosophy about life?

Simon – I think I’m blessed to be living; I hate racism obviously; I love the black ladies, and more so, I love people in general. I don’t see religion or color; I just think we’re all human beings. We‘ve got eyes, ears, hand; you name it; we are all breathing. The fact that we can go to a dinner table with anybody, Black, White, Asian, etc.; people are people, and that’s what the film “Throw Of A Dice” is all about. Just be good to other people and respect them.

My trinity Magazine- Do you have any role model?

Simon – I would say my role model will be Steve Jones the guy from Apple Mac, who died recently. I just like people like that because he came from a broken home, he was adopted. He didn’t allow any drawback, and he was very successful; my other hero is one of my dearest friends, Sir Paul MacCarhney; he is a legend   because he is the greatest song writer of all time that’s my earnest opinion, and he does a lot for charity and Barrack Obama is another hero of mine

My trinity Magazine: so, what kind of foot print would you like to live behind or what would you want people to remember you with?

Simon- I’ll like to be remembered as somebody that brings happiness to their lives. I want people to see me as a nice guy. And people to remember me and my lovely songs. I am not political, and I don’t have any strange or abstract view. I just wanna make people happy.

Mytrinity Magazine – Looking at the film, “Throw Of A Dice” why did you decided to be part of it in the first place?

Simon- Because it’s one of the best scripts I have ever read; trust me, I have been given a lot of scripts, and this is one script that is really based on many truths. A friend of mine knew the guy the film was based on. Actually, the guy who was busted on the phone booth in North London was in a band called “Double Trouble and DMC and the guy whom I worked with Lee Guest; he was a band member, so he obviously knew Michael because they were all in the band together, and I think it’s very pointless. Stephen Lawrence Killing was just pointless; it is what goes on, but we don’t wanna talk about it. It is very important. Why can’t an Asian person woman see a black guy and why can’t a black guy see an Asian, you know I’ll give you an example? When I first took my black girl friend down the Garden Park, my step father who was not a great guy to me anyway, said to me, I should get my black girl friend out of the house, I won’t repeat what he said, and I’ve not gone back since 22 years ago, although my mother is still with him, but I refuse to go to the house. You see this kind of stuff still goes on and its madness and a crazy thing to do.

My trinity Magazine: Before I let you go, do you have a quote  or words that keep you going every day?

Simon – I talk to myself a lot, and I do encourage myself, like sometimes. When am tired of waking up in the morning and go to anywhere? I encourage myself by saying, “COMMON Simon; It’s another brand-new day, let’s Go.

Simon is involved in a lot of charity work, and he has made a lot of people proud.

By Sunday Olorunshola